R6RS History

Standardization Charter

The charter that governs the Scheme standardization process process can be found here.

Public Review Process

The public review process is described here. The formal comments submitted during the review process, along with responses from the editors, are published here.

Informal discussions related to R6RS take place on the discuss@r6rs.org mailing list, which can be subscribed to here.


Information on the ratification process can be found here.

R6RS Editors Committee

A complete archive of the R6RS Editors' mailing list, containing all messages prior to ratification, can be found here.

Editors' Announcements

The R6RS editors have asked for the following announcements to be included here:

Previous Drafts

Version Base language Standard libraries Non-normative appendices Release date
5.97 PDF | HTML PDF | HTML PDF | HTML 30 Jun, 2007
5.96 PDF | HTML PDF | HTML PDF | HTML 27 Jun, 2007
5.95 PDF | HTML PDF | HTML PDF | HTML 25 Jun, 2007
5.94 PDF | HTML PDF | HTML PDF | HTML 12 Jun, 2007
5.93 PDF | HTML PDF | HTML 22 May, 2007
5.92 PDF PDF 22 Jan, 2007
5.91 PDF 14 Sep, 2006

Steering Committee Election

A new Steering Committee has been elected. Details of the election can be found here.

2 March 2008