R6RS mail archives, formal comments, next R6RS draft

The R6RS editors would like to make three announcements:

  1. Shortly after we began our work, we created a mailing list for our discussions and agreed that the mailing list archive should be made public at some point after the R6RS was published. During our September 12, 2006 meeting, we voted to make the archive public immediately. It has taken us a while to get around to it, but the archive is now available at http://www.r6rs.org/r6rs-editors/.
  2. During our October 19, 2006 meeting, we committed to providing a formal response by December 15, 2006 to all formal comments submitted by November 15, 2006. The timing of our formal responses to formal comments submitted after that date will be decided at a later time. For more information on the formal review process, see http://www.r6rs.org/process.html.
  3. Also during our October 19th meeting, we committed to producing a new draft of the R6RS by January 15, 2007, which will take into account comments and suggestions made by November 15, 2006. LaTeX source code will also be provided for the drafts.

We appreciate the response to date from members of the Scheme community.

R. Kent Dybvig
Chair, Scheme Standard Editors

22 Oct, 2007