R6RS Public Review Process

Formal comments

All formal comments must be posted to formal-comment@r6rs.org, a mailing list moderated by the R6RS editors. Anyone may submit to this list, but only the editors are subscribed.

Formal comments are subject to the requirements listed below. If these requirements are met, an editor will approve the message, and the message will be forwarded to discuss@r6rs.org, marked as a formal comment.

All discussion takes place on discuss@r6rs.org, an unmoderated mailing list. Anyone may subscribe to this list, and only subscribers may post.

Formal comment requirements

A formal comment is valid and will be approved only if:

Posters should also include, where appropriate:

If an editor chooses to reject a formal comment, other than obvious spam, the editor will email the submitter with an explanation of the problem, at which point the submitter may correct the problem and resubmit.

Formal response

All formal comments will receive a formal response (marked as such) from the editors before R6RS is finalized. The formal response will describe the action taken and the rationale for that action. Individual editors are encouraged to reply informally, and such notes are not to be taken as formal responses.

Informal discussion

Messages sent directly to discuss@r6rs.org are not considered formal comments and will not receive a formal response. While follow-up messages to a formal comment are considered informal, the editors will consider such messages in deciding what action to take on the original formal comment.

14 Sep 2006