[R6RS] libraries

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb
Tue Dec 13 13:12:41 EST 2005

> I think that I'm diverging a little bit but I feel that I have to
> answer: I do prefer Scheme to sed too but I still want to use sed for
> scripting! It's not that I particularly like sed but I want to provide
> a system that users feel comfortable with. In an immense majority,
> programs prefer to use sed/perl/... for scripting and configuring.
> There is no point, I think, in arguing that they are wrong or
> right. The fact is. Personally, I want to avoid proselytism. In other
> words, I want to provide tools and languages *compatible* with what
> people like. If they like scripting with sed, let's them write
> their scripts with sed!  I'm sure that programmers are not willing to
> accept tools or languages that require them to drastically change
> their whole programming habits.

People seem to be happy calling makedepend for C; I don't see why they
wouldn't be happy calling a similar tool for Scheme.  If we provide
that tool, what do they care if it's written in Scheme?  That tool can
be called from a Makefile or Perl script, whatever they desire.


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