[R6RS] libraries

Manuel Serrano Manuel.Serrano
Tue Dec 13 09:44:22 EST 2005

Kent wrote,
> To be clear, I still prefer Scheme to sed (even when called from make
> files), don't mind if my tools have to macro-expand the code to determine
> imports and exports, and believe that abstraction leads to more rather
> than less readable code.  I also believe that "removing the weaknesses
I think that I'm diverging a little bit but I feel that I have to
answer: I do prefer Scheme to sed too but I still want to use sed for
scripting! It's not that I particularly like sed but I want to provide
a system that users feel comfortable with. In an immense majority,
programs prefer to use sed/perl/... for scripting and configuring.
There is no point, I think, in arguing that they are wrong or
right. The fact is. Personally, I want to avoid proselytism. In other
words, I want to provide tools and languages *compatible* with what
people like. If they like scripting with sed, let's them write
their scripts with sed!  I'm sure that programmers are not willing to
accept tools or languages that require them to drastically change
their whole programming habits.


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