[R6RS] libraries

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb
Sun Dec 11 13:55:36 EST 2005

> I'm a little bit confused. Are you using a unique environment for 
> macros and variables? In other words, do you mean that it is an
> error to define a macro and a variable with the same name? I hope not
> because I'm strongly opposed to this. I'm used to define
> functions that and overridden by macros. If find this very convenient
> and efficient and I would be extremely sorry to loose this capacity...

As I interpret the R5RS, it prescribes a single environment for all
identifiers.  Here is an excerpt from the start of Section 3.1:

  An identifier may name a type of syntax, or it may name a location
  where a value can be stored.  An identifier that names a type of syntax
  is called a syntactic keyword and is said to be bound to that syntax.
  An identifier htat names a location is called a variable and is said to
  be bound to that location.

To my knowledge the issue of splitting it into two or more environments
for R6RS has not come up before.  I am opposed to any such change.


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