[R6RS] Mailing list

Marc Feeley feeley
Tue Jan 20 18:07:09 EST 2004

> - Create another, open list, called r6rs-comments or something for
>   discussion of the drafts.  Make that publically archived.
>   Either make it completely open or require potential subscribers to
>   write a little paragraph explaining why they'd like to be on
>   r6rs-comments.  We could just accept anyone who writes something
>   intelligible; this would function as a low-pass noise filter.

It is not clear to me what the purpose of this second list is...  Is
it for the public to send us comments and proposals?  Does that imply
that we have to read it (and also respond to the messages)?  I don't
really see how this is any better than allowing everyone that has a
valid reason on the R6RS list (in fact it is a bit worse because you
have a duplication of threads of discussion on a particular topic).

Comments that are specifically on drafts of R6RS are another story and
I can see that this would be useful, if only to catch bugs in the
document.  But let's think about it...  I don't expect a draft before
at least another 4 to 6 months.


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