[R6RS] scripts -> programs -> top-level programs

Anton van Straaten anton at appsolutions.com
Mon Jan 8 04:16:57 EST 2007

I've committed a new programs.tex which replaces scripts.tex, and 
updated r6rs.tex to include it.  It's section 7 in the latest draft.

There's a difference in terminology compared to the description given in 
formal response #51.  That response said that "the current specification 
of Scheme 'scripts' will be replaced by a definition of Scheme 
'programs'."  However, the terms "program" and "Scheme program" is 
already used in a different way in the report, e.g. in "Programs and 
Libraries" (section 4.1 in the latest draft).

Because of this, and also to avoid ambiguities that occur when using the 
term "program" without qualification, I've intead used the term 
"top-level program" in section 7.

This fits quite naturally with existing text, e.g. the opening of 4.1 
will become:

"A Scheme program consists of a /top-level program/ together with a set 
of /libraries/..."

This is a change from what the formal response described.  If anyone has 
any objections to this term or wants to suggest a different one, let me 

Later on Monday, I hope to commit a version of the threatened appendix 
which specifies scripts.


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