[R6RS] end game---getting really close

R. Kent Dybvig dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Sun Jan 7 14:40:10 EST 2007

Here's what I believe to be the current open issues:

> - What are we going to call the bytes objects?  This should be a
>   simple matter of making a list of candidates and voting on the
>   favorite, right?

I've already called for a vote on this.

> - Somebody else will need to write up the new I/O proposal.  I'm all
>   out of those.

Will, would you please take care of this?

> - Kent, Matthew: Can you guys also (in addition to the phasing stuff)
>   make the changes to the description of the expansion algorithm
>   mentioned in the responses?

I've asked Matthew to take the lead on the updated library description,
and I will talke the lead on the updated expansion description.

> - Please read the conditions proposal here:
> http://lists.r6rs.org/pipermail/r6rs-discuss/2006-November/001181.html
>   and either agree to it or poke holes in it or suggest alternatives.

Will, I'm still hoping to hear more about Will's concerns, if you still
have any.

Should we plan a call to discuss these or other issues that I've missed?


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