[R6RS] Re: scripts -> programs -> top-level programs

Anton van Straaten anton at appsolutions.com
Tue Jan 9 00:05:33 EST 2007

> Because of this, and also to avoid ambiguities that occur when using the 
> term "program" without qualification, I've intead used the term 
> "top-level program" in section 7.
> This fits quite naturally with existing text, e.g. the opening of 4.1 
> will become:
> "A Scheme program consists of a /top-level program/ together with a set 
> of /libraries/..."
> This is a change from what the formal response described.  If anyone has 
> any objections to this term or wants to suggest a different one, let me 
> know.

I've just committed revision 1285, which changes all uses of "scripts" 
to "top-level program" or "program", as appropriate, along with related 
changes.  Nine .tex files were affected.


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