[R6RS] status report update

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Wed Jun 21 16:50:31 EDT 2006

Comments on new draft of status report.

Section 2 (Change Log) says

    Section 7.5 documents that we have decided to base the
    R6RS I/O system on SRFI's 34 and 35.

That should be exception system, not I/O system.

Section 4.2 (Programs) says

    R6RS programs exist only in the form of portable
    libraries and scripts....Portable libraries...
    A portable script...

The three occurrences of the word "portable" should all be
removed, inasmuch as nothing in the R6RS will require the
code appearing in a library or script to be portable.  The
word "source" could replace all occurrences of "portable",
inasmuch as the phrase "source library or script" appears
in section 4.4 and is more appropriate.

In section 4.5, do we really want to announce Bawden's
PEPM '99 extensions, since they are incompatible and we
haven't yet discussed those incompatibilities?

Section 4.7 (Reaffirmations) has two separate bullet items
saying that () is invalid.  The last bullet item is missing
a closing parenthesis.

In section 7.1 (Libraries), the reference to portable
libraries is more appropriate than in section 4.2, since
portable libraries are listed as a requirement rather
than attempting to ban non-portable libraries.

In section 7.3 (Unicode), the URL should be a hypertext


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