[R6RS] status report update

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Wed Jun 21 19:49:16 EDT 2006

> Section 2 (Change Log) says
>     Section 7.5 documents that we have decided to base the
>     R6RS I/O system on SRFI's 34 and 35.
> That should be exception system, not I/O system.


> Section 4.2 (Programs) says
>     R6RS programs exist only in the form of portable
>     libraries and scripts....Portable libraries...
>     A portable script...
> The three occurrences of the word "portable" should all be
> removed, inasmuch as nothing in the R6RS will require the
> code appearing in a library or script to be portable.  The
> word "source" could replace all occurrences of "portable",
> inasmuch as the phrase "source library or script" appears
> in section 4.4 and is more appropriate.

Fixed.  (I removed the word "portable" but did not add the word "source".)

> In section 4.5, do we really want to announce Bawden's
> PEPM '99 extensions, since they are incompatible and we
> haven't yet discussed those incompatibilities?


> Section 4.7 (Reaffirmations) has two separate bullet items
> saying that () is invalid.  The last bullet item is missing
> a closing parenthesis.


> In section 7.3 (Unicode), the URL should be a hypertext
> link.




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