[R6RS] Chez modules question

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb
Mon Jan 17 10:55:10 EST 2005

> This is mainly a question for Kent about the pragmatics of the Chez
> module system:
> Given a program spread over several files, including a set of
> libraries shared among several programs, how do the pragmatics of
> compiling/loading/starting the program work out?  Specifically,
> - How do I point the system at the relevant files?

By explicitly including, loading, or visiting the relevant files.

> - How do the files or the modules within the files refer to each
>   other?

By explicitly including them together or by loading or visiting files at
compile time, either via external control (e.g., on the command line or
with explicit loads prior to calling compile-file) or via eval-when forms.
By "visiting a file" I mean calling "visit" on a compiled object file,
which brings in its compile-time bindings only.

> - What are the boundaries of separate compilation?

Essentially, each top-level form is a separate compilation unit, but
even multiple files may be combined to form single compilation unit,
effectively, via include.


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