[R6RS] Case sensitivity

R. Kent Dybvig dyb
Mon Nov 1 08:35:25 EST 2004

> Are there any new arguments that weren't equally applicable during
> the last N revisions of the report?

Probably not, but a compelling reason to revisit the issue is that a
large majority of users prefers case-sensitive syntax, as indicated by
a poll Matthew took of the PLT Scheme community and the vote taken at
the Scheme workshop.

> If we are going to reverse an old decision we need to have reasons
> good enough to avoid having the next committee rehash the whole
> thing again.

We never had a formal vote count on case sensitivity, to my knowledge,
because the switch was always blocked by a subset of the authors, but
my sense is that a majority of authors favored case-sensitive syntax
each time it has come up, so I don't believe there's much chance that
a decision to switch will be reversed in the future.


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