[R6RS] Case sensitivity

Marc Feeley feeley
Mon Nov 1 20:51:35 EST 2004

> I am confused.  Are you saying that there is HCI research
> that says this?

No.  I just think that if you choose an appropriate subset of users
you can "prove" just about anything.  As I recall, the PLI 2002
invited lecture by Brad Myers concluded that for novice users,
case-insensitivity was preferable to case-sensitivity, and 1-based
indexing was preferable to 0-based indexing.  That may be so but is
that relevant to Scheme?  Do concerns for novice users outweigh the
concerns for intermediate and expert programmers?  For novice users
you could *probably* show that infix syntax is better than prefix
(because it is more natural), that iterative constructs are better
than recursion (because they are simpler), etc.  I'm afraid an "HCI
research" based language would be very different from Scheme as
we know it.


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