[R6RS] Library / filesystem mapping

Anton van Straaten anton at appsolutions.com
Fri May 18 05:25:31 EDT 2007

Michael Sperber wrote:
> I have a slight preference for .scm, since it's what I'm used to.  I
> don't really care.

I have the same slight preference.  I'll use .scm provisionally.

> I think the version numbers should be last.  The (6) in the rnrs
> libraries means the same thing for all of them, but this is not the case
> for others.  

You're right, thanks.

>>3. I'm assuming that sub-version numbers should be encoded in the 
>>filesystem using the typical period-separated approach, so that a 
>><version> of (3 4 5) would be contained in a directory named "3.4.5". 
>>Whisper politely if you disagree; I haven't really thought through the 
>>impact of this on version number matching yet.
> I think that would be fine.

I notice that Planet uses the 3/4/5 approach, btw.

> I was going to suggest that we recommend that people only use library
> names that can be encoded using vanilla filenames on typical platforms,
> and not talk about the others.  Having screwed that up, I suggest
> renaming i/o to io, and still making the recommendation.

OK with me.


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