[R6RS] appendices

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Thu Jan 25 19:22:46 EST 2007

Mike wrote:
> > * "Implementation-specific facilities may also be mentioned" (#64,
> > #77, #128) - in responses relating to dropping of declarations.
> I have no clue what this might be.  Did any of the response authors
> have anything specific in mind?

It was my understanding that the non-normative appendix
would explain that R6RS-conformant implementations are
allowed to provide unsafe versions of the standard
libraries and/or unsafe modes in their compilers by
any means whatsoever, including the use of command-line
options and/or challenge/response protocols that would
prevent people from using safe mode by accident.

Of course, my understanding is completely incompatible
with the language contained within the most recent
revision to document/basic.tex.  That revision is also
completely incompatible with the plain language of the
official responses to formal comments #64, #77, and


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