[R6RS] Trac question

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Wed Sep 6 08:53:55 EDT 2006

> Kent wrote:
>  > look for issue-tracking software with desired security features
>  >    allowing public to submit official comments automatically (no
>  >    editor intervention) with required info and allowing only editors
>  >    to respond, edit, and close
> Just to confirm: is it going to be OK if the public can submit tickets 
> which become immediately publicly visible?  If an inappropriate ticket 
> were created, an editor could delete it or close it.
> Afaict from my limited knowledge of Trac, we should easily be able to 
> give anonymous users the right to create tickets, but make no other 
> changes.  Since they'd also need the right to view tickets, new tickets 
> would presumably become immediately visible to everyone.  If we want 
> some other behavior, some customization might be required.  That may not 
> require much work, though.

I think it's fine if users can submit tickets directly, since we can
delete them if they are inappropriate.

Is it possible for the submitted comments and our responses to be
forwarded directly to the r6rs-discuss mailing list, i.e., not just
a notification thereof?


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