[R6RS] my notes on today's conference call (12 September 2006)

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Tue Sep 12 09:53:31 EDT 2006

Conference call September 12 2006 8:00am-10:00am EDT
All present by 8:01pm:
Kent, Anton, Matthew, Mike, Will

0. finalize agenda (1 minute)
    status report at Scheme workshop

1. action items from 9/05/2006 (5 minutes)
   - finish up document
     - make library.tex export change (Kent)
     - mention that all standard libraries are exported for eval only
       except composite which is eval and expand (Mike)
     - move eval out of r6rs composite library (Mike)
       (with Anton to update draft/corelib)
     - make scripts.tex "ignore first line", wording changes (Kent)
     - thank Marc and Manuel in acknowledgements section (Mike)
     - make lex.tex termination change (Mike)
        all done
   - publish the for-public-release r6rs (Kent via Mitch)
        sent to Mitch; up to the steering committee to publish
   - look for issue-tracking software with desired security features (Anton)
     allowing public to submit official comments automatically (no
     editor intervention) with required info and allowing only editors to
     respond, edit, and close
   - if after 24 hours, Anton turns up nothing useful:
     - create web form for posting official comments (Kent)
     - set up trac wiki and issue tracking system (Will)
   - work out hosting details (Anton, Will, and Kent with Alan)

2. tracking software and mailing lists (20 minutes)
    make Wiki readable by public
    require a real name and email address
    let's abandon the idea of submitting directly to Trac
    let's create a moderated mailing list for formal comments,
        with all of the editors as moderators; give it a long
        name like formal-comment at r6rs.org
    no longer need comment.r6rs.org
    much discussion of possibilities, little resolution
    probably simplest just to have formal comments
        submitted by email to individual editors;
        no, mailman is easier; let's have a moderated
        list with the five of us as moderators
    Kent will decide and describe what we're going to do
    someone submits formal comment; any editor gets it;
        should probably bcc the r6rs-editors mailing list
        (our own internal one; private?); what happens?
        we'll get an administrative message saying a
        message is waiting to be approved, so the cc
        happens automatically; put it in the Trac system;
        if you want to reject, then bcc the other editors;
        when accepted, gets gatewayed automatically to the
        public discussion list, but transfer to the Trac
        system is manual, and the obligation of the editor
        who accepts the message

3. publishing preliminary reference implementations (5 minutes)
   <item>                    <editor>   <to be published by>   <done?>
   library and syntax-case   Kent       9/13
   arithmetic                Will       9/13                   done
   records                   Matthew    9/13                   done
   Unicode library           Will       8/13                   done
   Unicode reader            Mike       9/13                   done
   hash tables               Anton      9/13
     (except eq?/eqv?)
   exceptions/conditions     Mike       9/13                   done
   list procedures           Anton      9/13
   enuerations               Will       9/13                   done
   bytes                     Will       9/13
   I/O                       Mike       october

    publish implementations by emailing to Alan
        (someone needs to let him know)
    Anton to let us know how later today

4. publishing discussion archives
   - where and when
        Will moved that we make the r6rs at scheming.org list
            public immediately, both archives and new posts.
        Mike seconded.
            In favor: Will
            Opposed: Kent, Matthew, Anton
            Abstain: Mike
        Anton moved that we publish the archives of
            r6rs at scheming.org up to now, and continue
            to use it but without making new posts public
        Kent seconded.
            In favor: Will, Matthew, Anton, Mike
            Opposed: Kent
        Ongoing policy for use of lists:
            flames on r6rs at scheming.org, consensus on Trac

5. meeting next week at ICFP
    dinner before status report on Sunday?
    more extended meeting Monday night?

status report at Scheme workshop

6. future call schedule
    no more weekly phone conferences, until further notice

7. adjourned about 9:49am EDT


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