[R6RS] Core/lib split

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Fri Sep 1 11:03:50 EDT 2006

Anton wrote:
> Done.  I've also duplicated member, memq, memv, memp, assoc, assq,
> assv, and assp from (r6rs lists) into (r6rs base).  I left remove,
> remp, remq, and remv in (r6rs lists) only, because 'remove' is also in
> SRFI 1.

Mike wrote:
> ....I was thinking we'd decided to not duplicate them.  (Or,
> rather, that we didn't decide to duplicate.)  Will's minutes also
> don't show that we wanted to duplicate.

I remember the conversation, but I didn't understand
the outcome, and I mistakenly thought you two did and
could implement whatever you had decided without input
from the rest of us.

Anton wrote:
> To expand on that: I was fuzzy on whether or not we decided to duplicate 
> any list library procedures in both base and 'lists', but I was under 
> the impression that we did decide that the R5RS procedures member, memq, 
> memv, assoc, assq, and assv should be in the base (in which case it 
> makes sense that memp and assp join them).

I don't much care whether those things are in the
base library, but I do want them to be in the lists

If they end up in both libraries, I'd suggest they
be specified in the chapter devoted to the lists
library, not in the chapter devoted to the base


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