[R6RS] my notes on today's conference call (20 November 2006)

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Mon Nov 20 12:00:05 EST 2006

Conference call November 20 2006 8:00am-10:00am
All present by 8:02am:
Kent, Matthew, Will, Anton, Mike

0. finalize agenda (1 minute)
    split the report?  yes

1. format of the first page of the r6rs [10 minutes]

2. dealing with current batch of formal comments [20 minutes]
    draft responses by Wednesday of next week;
        get as many done as possible before Sunday so we can
        pick some for our agenda next week
    do the least controversial ones first
    discuss the most controversial ones first
    committee votes early to obtain sense of committee
        on each comment
    when responses are complete, committee votes unanimously
        to approve response (even if individual members don't
        like the decision made in the response)
    some responses may be requests for more input
    next meeting or meeting schedule:
        Mondays and Wednesdays at 8am; could add Fridays
        all editors involved in the call from 8am to 9am;
        editors that want to continue until 10am may do so
        next meeting on Monday, 27 November

3. program readability as an explicit goal [10 minutes]
    Will will draft readability goal, or add it to the list
        of goals in the most recent status reports
    Mike will revise as necessary and put into the document

4. interaction between unspecified value and multiple values [10 minutes]
        returning zero values to a traditional single-value continuation
            would be equivalent to returning the unspecified value

5. adjourned at 9:02am


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