[R6RS] my notes on today's conference call (13 June 2006)

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Tue Jun 13 13:53:43 EDT 2006

Conference call June 13 2006
All present by 12:47pm
Kent, Anton, Mike, Will, Matthew

0. finalize agenda (1 minute)

1. action items from 6/6/2006 (5 minutes)
   - mail library->environment proposal (Kent)
   - carried over:
     - consider commitment for reference implementations (All)
        see draft of status report
     - complete and commit updated status report (Kent)
        done (new version, anyway)
     - submit syntax srfi (Kent)
        not done; more discussion needed
     - update library srfi (Matthew and Kent)
        proposal sent out
     - update reference implementation for arithmetic SRFI (Will)
        no progress since last week

2. status report (5 minutes)
   - any comments on June~9 status-report draft
        yes, but minor
   - should we forward it to the steering committee?
   - will we have an internal r6rs draft by mid-June?
        yes, excluding i/o, libraries, syntax-case
   - is September 1 still reasonable for draft sent to steering committee?
        action item for Mike: comment on Anton's characterization

3. equiv? semantics for equal? (5 minutes)
   - see SRFI 85
   - not generalized to records
        possible generalization:
            allow predicate to use at leaves to be specified
        possible generalization:
            generalize to more than two arguments
        vote on equiv? semantics for equal?
            yes, unanimously
        vote on generalizing to more than two arguments:
            three abstentions; carry over to next week
        carry pred-equal? idea over to next week also

4. reprise: SRFI 1 procedures (10 minutes)
   - do we have a consistent set?
   - exists, forall, filter, find, fold-left, fold-right, partition,
     generalized-member, generalized-remove, generalized-assoc
     remq, remv, remove
   - should we add (lookup pred alist) => value or #f by analogy to find?
   - better names for generalized-{member,remove,assoc}
     - alternative: call generalized-member find-tail as in SRFI 1, leave out
       generalized-remove since programmers can fake it with filter, and
       leave out generlized-assoc since programmers can fake it with find
        Mike moved to vote on alternative; Will seconded
        vote on alternative:
            Anton no, Kent no, Will yes, Mike yes, Matthew abstains
            motion fails
        Mike moved to vote on memp, assp, remp; Kent seconded
        vote: yes, unanimously

5. subsystem ratification (15 minutes)
   - do we need to ratify or just "reach concensus"?
            preliminary ratification (oxymoron)
            preliminary approval
        which have been approved and which have not?
   - Unicode---ready to ratify?
        preliminary approval
   - records---ready to ratify?
        constructor protocol is kind of weird and complicated
            can be omitted for simple common cases
            not well described
        preliminary approval
   - arithmetic
        reference implementation may expose some issues
        division into libraries
        preliminary approval
   - I/O
        no detailed proposal as yet
        bytes subsystem needs approval first
        a draft of the bytes subsystem has been checked in
   - libraries
        a work in progress
   - syntax
        status of define-syntax still unsettled
        need to get the SRFI finished and published for public comment
   - byte vectors
   - hash tables
        need updated proposal
   - enumerations
        a draft has been checked in, needs examination
   - safe/unsafe mode
        semantics is controversial, should be written up
   - core/library split

6. hash tables (10 minutes)

7. enumerations (10 minutes)

8. mutability of pairs (10 minutes)

9. adjourned at 1:48pm without considering agenda items 6, 7, 8

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