[R6RS] end game---getting really close

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Fri Dec 15 21:00:14 EST 2006

Kent wrote:
> For 73, I take a stab at a "noncommittal" response tomorrow, for 75
> Will needs to get with Mike and make sure there aren't remaining
> problems, and for the others we may just need to get some votes in.

For #75, I don't think we have time to debug the details
between now and tomorrow.  I know I don't have time:  I
still have a small mountain of homework and a pile of
final exams that absolutely must be graded this weekend.

I also don't understand why the response contains so many
details.  Wouldn't it be better just to say we intend to
take the proposal's suggestions into account, and come up
with the details between now and the 15th of January?


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