[R6RS] "Reflection" terminology

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Wed Aug 16 17:26:50 EDT 2006

> What we list under "record reflection" isn't really reflection at all.
> As rtd's are already in the "regular" procedural level, there's isn't
> anything metalevel we're moving to or from the object level.  If
> anything, the procedures only provide reification, with reflection
> happening via `make-record-type-descriptor'.  Consequently, I'd like
> to change the term to "inspection."  Objections?

He's mostly right, although mutations one performs via this interface
are probably more accurately considered reflection than inspection.

I'm happy making the change to inspection, however, and will make this
change as I finish my records.tex edits, since I've heard no objections.


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