[R6RS] SRFIs for R6RS

Marc Feeley feeley
Mon May 30 16:16:45 EDT 2005

I'm planing to inform the SRFI editors that we wish to use the SRFI 
process to help us in the design of R6RS.  As I said in Boston we need 
to be honest with the Scheme community on the intent of the documents 
we submit as SRFIs.  These SRFIs are meant to inform the Scheme 
community of our design ideas and to allow the community to give us 
some feedback.  This will allow us to tap into some domain specific 
expertise in the community, and will also be useful to poll the 
community for suggestions on aspects of secondary importance (naming of 
procedures, syntax of special forms, etc).  Note however that any poll 
on the SRFI lists should not be given too much weight given the uneven 
participation of the community and the fact that the community does not 
know about all the design constraints we face (such as design 
consistency with other features that are not under discussion as 

To clearly distinguish these SRFIs from others we should identify them 
with distinctive titles.  I suggest prefixing them with "R6RS", for 
example "R6RS numerics" and "R6RS module system".  To avoid confusion, 
I will ask the SRFI editors to reserve this prefix for the SRFIs we 
submit.  I also suggest we add this text at the top of the SRFI's 
Status section:

    This SRFI is being submitted by a member of the Scheme Language
    Editor's Committee as part of the Scheme standardization process.
    The purpose of such ``R6RS SRFIs'' is to inform the Scheme community 
    features and design ideas under consideration by the editors and
    to allow the community to give the editors some direct feedback that
    will be considered during the design process.  At the end of the
    discussion period, this SRFI will be withdrawn so that, in the event
    that the editors decide to modify the specification, even in a minor
    way, there will not be a double standard that could confuse users.

As for the copyright notice, I propose that it be under the name of the 
editor(s) that wrote the SRFI.

Is that OK?


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