[R6RS] Focusing on R6RS

Marc Feeley feeley
Fri May 27 07:40:09 EDT 2005

As was made clear by yesterday's discussion, to make R6RS a reality in
a realistic time frame we need to change our focus.  Much of our
activities up to now qualify as research.  We face difficult technical
issues and it is in our nature to be concerned, perhaps even obsessed,
in finding a perfect solution.

We have to stop the research.

At this point we have looked at a lot of issues and we know where
difficult (and yet unsolved) problems are.  We have to acknowledge
that we will not solve the difficult problems in the R6RS time frame.
Let's keep the research for our day jobs and a future R7RS.

What we need to do now is determine the features which are required of
R6RS, and then work on achieving these requirements.  We can use our
knowledge of the difficult problems to leave the R6RS specification
extensible in the future (for R7RS) if and when we do agree on a

Our first exercice today will be to draw a list of these required
features, and order them in terms of priority.  I believe we will
get a much clearer picture of the work that remains.


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