[R6RS] SRFIs for R6RS

Marc Feeley feeley
Thu Jun 16 17:27:59 EDT 2005

On 16-Jun-05, at 1:50 PM, dyb at cs.indiana.edu wrote:

>> [note: syntax-case and records have to go through a round of
>> discussion before being submitted but we might as well write them up
>> as SRFIs to start with.]
> I understand this comment wrt records, but why syntax-case?  We  
> voted in
> Boston to put syntax-case into R6RS, and in any case, I think there  
> are
> fewer issues under contention than with the some of the other proposed
> SRFIs.

I guess you are right wrt syntax-case.  I remember that there were a  
few things that were left to discuss (identifier syntax, ...?).  In  
any case I think all SRFIs should be reviewed by the editors before  
submitting them to the SRFI editors.  Obviously the degree of review  
will vary (close to nil for Unicode on which there was high agreement  
at the Boston meeting, and more for syntax-case).


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