[R6RS] I/O <-> GC question

Marc Feeley feeley
Tue Nov 23 14:47:16 EST 2004

> >>>>> "Marc" == Marc Feeley <feeley at IRO.UMontreal.CA> writes:
> Marc> My comment is not about the transparency of your design.  My comment
> Marc> is about the transparency of your design process (i.e. I (and probably
> Marc> the other editors) would like to know more about the problems you are
> Marc> tackling).  Please share your ideas!
> We agreed in Snowbird that we'd handle the first stage of this design
> (along with some others) in subcommittees before putting it in front
> the entire R6RS committee.  Currently, I'm the subcommittee of one for
> I/O.

Why are you so reluctant to open up the discussion to the other
editors?  Especially when I'm obviously interested (and possibly
Matthew with whom we discussed I/O at Snowbird) I'm not asking for all
the details.  Just enough to understand which aspects of I/O you are
concerning yourself with.  Which **problems** are you trying to solve?
In other words what do you mean by "I/O"?  Is it "classical"
filesystem stuff?  Do you include file naming issues?  Text encoding?
Filesystem operations (delete-file, etc or just open/read/write/close
of files)?  Sockets?  Pipes?  Interprocess communication?


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