[R6RS] Re: strawman module syntax

Michael Sperber sperber
Sun Jul 11 10:39:25 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Kent" == R Kent Dybvig <dyb at cs.indiana.edu> writes:

Kent> In any case, the point is that if we determine that it's necessary
Kent> for some reason (not presently clear to me) to restrict the form of a
Kent> library to a single top-level module, that doesn't necessarily stop us
Kent> from permitting portable applications to use arbitrary top-level forms,
Kent> multiple modules, etc.  Perl applications certainly don't all follow
Kent> the same conventions as CPAN modules.

Let me ask again about separate compilation, assembly of libraries or
applications from several files, and so on.  To me, it looks like
you're repeatedly ignoring this issue ...  (Which is why I'm thinking
there's another misunderstanding.)

Cheers =8-} Mike
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