[R6RS] Mailing list

Marc Feeley feeley
Tue Jan 20 17:28:22 EST 2004

> That being said, there are a number of non-editors whose
> participation would be valuable and who can be trusted to make
> positive contributions.  Whether or not they would want R6RS
> discussions filling up their inbox is another question.  I would
> like the archives, at a minimum, to be available to some select
> group of non-editors.

I can live with that as long as there are no "leaks" to the public
(such as postings to comp.lang.scheme of issues and proposals under
consideration of the R6RS editors).  What I worry about is that we get
into a situation where we lose focus because our thoughts are
distracted by postings to comp.lang.scheme or by personal messages we

So I propose that we wait and see, and that when we have a good reason
to let someone look at the archived discussions, we can give him/her
access to the archive.


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