[R6RS] Ensuring progress

Marc Feeley feeley
Mon Jan 19 15:05:34 EST 2004

For the R6RS design process to suceed, we must make sure that the
process moves along steadily and avoid deadlocks.  Each of the editors
has a responsibility to participate in the discussions and the design
process.  We may be highly motivated right now, but the time we have
to put into this effort and our level of motivation is bound to vary
throughout the process, so I want to propose that we impose a
reasonable "time limit" on responses to specific questions.  If an
editor does not respond within this time period, say 3 work days, then
the other editors can assume that that editor does not have an opinion
on the subject (or does not want to voice his opinion) and can be
ignored (in the discussion, in a vote, etc).  I'm hoping that by
having such a time limit we will all stay focused on the design
process and will participate actively in the discussions.  If an
editor is really busy with other things, then a simple message to the
list indicating that a response will be given in a reasonable time
period will suffice to avoid being ignored.  Similarly, it is
important to notify the editors if you are going to be away from your
email or unable to participate actively (at a conference, etc).  We
can also lengthen the time limit during the summer vacation period.

Are there any objections to this approach?  Is 3 work days too short?


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