[R6RS] my notes on today's conference call (7 March 2007)

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Wed Mar 7 10:50:47 EST 2007

Telephone conference March 7 2007 8:00am-10:00am EST
Matthew, Mike, Will, Kent, Anton were present by 8:02am

0. finalize agenda (1 minute)

1. action items (1 minute)
   - for each ticket 135 and 137+, enter proposed response into
     ticket-*.txt and set trac status to one of:
       blocker (red) = "don't know" but should should be easy
       critical (yellow) = done, probably uncontroversial
       major (white) = suggested response/action, but needs discussion
       minor (cyan) = we have to discuss it, first
       trivial (blue) = I'm stumped for the moment
   - record response votes (All)
   - draft responses for ticket numbers 145, 166, 184, 189, 193, 194,
     195, 196, 198
        response to 145 has been drafted
   - need final resolution in responses for ticket numbers 150, 164
   - timing of next conference call
        Matthew can't meet early in the week
        Mike's out Wednesday, maybe Thursday and Friday
        skip next week; meet two weeks from Friday, 8am EDT

2. what should (sqrt -0.0) return? (5 minutes)
   - ticket 141 quotes IEEE-754R draft that squareRoot(-0) should be -0
   - therefore suggests (flsqrt -0.0) should be -0.0
   - what about (sqrt -0.0)?
        allow it to return 0.0+0.0i
        this does not need to be mentioned
            in the response to the formal comment

3. allow unstable vector-sort! with worst-case o(n^2) behavior? (5 minutes)
   - ticket 142
        approved unanimously

4. add textual-port?, input/output-port? predicates? (5 minutes)
   - ticket 182
            yes: Will, Kent, Matthew, Mike
            abstain: Anton
            no: everyone

5. keep last-minute 5.92 change to string and bytevector output ports?
   add string-port?, bytevector-port? predicates? (10 minutes)
   - tickets 148 and 182
        keep string and bytevector ports as in 5.92
            yes: Will, Mike, Matthew, Anton, Kent
        add string-port?, bytevector-port?
            no: Will, Kent, Matthew, Mike, Anton
        no input-output string or bytevector ports
            maybe for R7RS

6. revisit unspecified value and mrvs semantics? (5-15 minutes)
   - see ticket 152 response
   - question for us to vote upon: should we reopen these issues?
   - if we vote "yes" we can spend some time discussing the issues;
     otherwise, ticket-152 response is "comment withdrawn by submitter".
   - this also affects ticket 156
        tabled for email discussion

7. replace return of unspecified value with return of unspecified number
   of unspecified values? (5 minutes)
   - ticket 152
        tabled for email discussion

8. allow the empty list, vectors, and bytevectors to be self-evaluating?
   (5 minutes)
   - ticket 154
        empty list
            no: Will, Kent, Matthew, Anton
            abstain: Mike
            yes: Matthew
            no: Will, Kent, Mike, Anton
            yes: Matthew, Anton, Kent
            no: Will
            abstain: Mike

9. floor, ceiling, truncate, and round raise an exception or abort on
   infinity and NaN arguments? (5 minutes)
   - ticket 167
        neither the formal comment nor the draft response
            use the word "abort"; that word appears only
            in Will's recommendation to accept the comment's
            proposal; but since it came up...
            Will moved to ratify Mike's current position that
                implementations are allowed to bypass the
                exception system for violations
            yes: Will, Mike
            no: Kent, Matthew, Anton
            motion fails 2-3-0
        Mike moved to keep the status quo, rejecting the formal comment
        Kent seconded
        yes: Kent, Mike, Matthew
        no: Will
        abstain: Anton

10. Add native-transcoder, drop binary transcoders, and for missing
   transcoder open-file-*-port argument return a binary port? (5 minutes)
   - ticket 180
        Kent moved we adopt the formal comment's proposal with option A
        Will seconded
        yes: Will, Kent, Matthew, Mike, Anton

11. standard-x-port return fresh binary ports? (5 minutes)
   - ticket 183

12. add buffer modes to open-file-input-port? (5 minutes)
        not considered (out of time; went on to item 13)
   - ticket 186
   - do we allow peeking on unbuffered input port?

13. add boolean=? and symbol=? predicates? (5 minutes)
   - ticket 188
        yes: Will, Matthew, Mike, Anton
        no: Kent

The remaining agenda items were not considered (out of time).

14. allow (case-lambda)? (5 minutes)
    - see https://r6rs.scheming.org/node/580

15. add file-length, specify set-file-position! extension behavior (5 minutes)
   - ticket 200

16. adjourned at 9:59am

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