[R6RS] another glimpse into the abyss

R. Kent Dybvig dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Tue Mar 6 16:47:01 EST 2007

> By submitting formal comment 198, "Allow compilers
> to reject obvious violations", I hoped to enlist
> public opinion against the idea that compilers
> should have unlimited discretion to reject programs
> at compile time, and against the idea that giving
> such discretion to compilers would be a good way to
> discourage abuse of the exception system.  (In my
> opinion, allowing implementations to abort without
> going through the exception system is a much better
> way to preclude deliberate violations in portable
> code.)


Would you please restate this?  I'm having trouble reading this as
anything other than self-contradictory.  Also, the first part (but not the
second) seems to contradict statements you made in formal comment 198.

I think I understand everything else in your note.


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