[R6RS] heads up on ticket 152

R. Kent Dybvig dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Sun Mar 4 15:10:35 EST 2007

Ticket 152 was withdrawn by the submitter in his last note in the thread
with the formal comment at its head:

  You can close the formal comment that led us here, since it was mainly
  about getting appropriate treatment of non-single values in body forms.

yet the formal comment includes a statement (inaccurate, IMO) of the
situation and suggests a radical and not backward compatible change to the

We need to consider whether we want to reopen these issues
(multiple-values and the unspecified value) before we spend precious time
discussing any reponse other than "comment withdrawn by submitter".

I will add to Wednesday's draft agenda a vote to determine the sense of
the committee on whether we should reopen these issues and discussion time
should we vote in the affirmative.


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