[R6RS] minutes/action items

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Thu Oct 19 18:30:41 EDT 2006

October 18 2006 8:00am-10:00am EDT 812-856-3600, PIN 001386#

Anton, Matthew, Mike, and Kent present by 8:01am; Will joined later.

0. finalize agenda (1 minute)

       Anton requested discussion of "routine" response handling.

1. publication status of R6RS editors' email discussions
   - ready at http://www.r6rs.org/r6rs-editors/
   - need permission from past editors?


2. publication of requirements, objectives, rationale in
   more detail than has been provided by status reports
   or can be inferred by perusal of editors' email

       Mike will prepare, with help from other editors to fill in
       any holes in his understanding of the rationale; will use
       POSIX rationale document as a template.

3. discuss process for reacting to public comments
   - timing of responses to public comments
   - responsibility for drafting possible responses to public comments
   - mechanism for sharing draft responses with other editors
     (e.g. role of Subversion, Wiki, tickets)
   - process for agreeing upon draft responses
   - timing of new drafts of R6RS that reflect public comments
   - strategies for increasing public acceptance of R6RS
   - "routine" response handling

       We will issue formal responses by December 15 for
       any comments received by November 15.  We will decide on the
       timing of other formal responses sometime after that date.

       Responses will be drafted by editor listed as "in charge" of
       the area identified by the comment that editor's delegate with
       consent from the delegate.

       We will publish a new draft of R6RS, including the TeX source,
       that takes into account comments from the public review process,
       by January 15.

       We will separate issues into two categories: routine and
       nonroutine.  Routine issues are either issues that have been
       withdrawn by the submitter (possibly as the result of an
       editor's clarification), typo fixes, and wording changes
       deemed noncontroversial by the project editor.

       Draft reponses will be created in the subversion repository.
       Responses to all routine issues will be kept in a single file,
       routine.txt, and responses to each others will kept in a
       separate file, <msg>.txt.  Only the initial formal comment
       and draft response will appear in the file, possibly with a
       link to the discussion archive.

       We will use r6rs at scheming.org for our own deliberations of
       public comments and other issues, and r6rs-private at scheming.org
       for the purposes for which it has been used in the past.

       The tracking system will be used to track the status of each
       formal comment and its resolution.

     We briefly discussed possibility that there be a public "up or down"
     vote on R6RS; key problems are (a) who votes and (b) what happens if
     it's "down".  This is really up to the steering committee to decide,
     but we may want to advise them.  Tabled for some future meeting.
     We also discussed perception that R6RS process has been closed;
     the perception may reflect how quiet we were during the early part of
     the process when not much progress was being made.

     We also discussed probable level of commitment to R6RS by various
     implementors; we may want to return to this issue later.

4. adjourn
    we adjourned at approximately 9:58am


Action Items:
  Anton: continue to handle formal comment submissions (thanks!)

  Kent: draft note for posting on r6rs-discuss re:
   - availability of R6RS editors' mailing-list archive
   - formal responses to November 15 formal comments by December 15
   - release of new R6RS, with TeX source, by January 15

  Kent: prepare and administer straw-poll
   - scour active comments for major items
   - post note soliciting straw poll
   - follow up with notes to r6rs-discuss for issues with one-sided
     polling results to let the submitter know which way we are

  Mike: create routine.txt and <msg>.txt files in the repository

  Anton: add link from r6rs.org to browsable reference implementations

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