[R6RS] Scripts

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Tue Jul 11 15:22:57 EDT 2006

> No.  There was extensive discussion about essentially this issue on
> the SRFI list.  The advantage of the approach advocated by the SRFI is
> that the script doesn't have to run when it's loaded, but, for example
> can be tested easily in an interactive environment.

There's no reason why the script must run when it's loaded into an
interactive environment.  The interactive environment can easily provide
the following two procedures:

  (load-script <script-name>) => <script-object>
  (invoke-script <script-object> <command-name> <argument> ...)

Something like this should be provided even with your model to allow the
top-level forms in the script's library to be debugged.

Anyway, I don't think your model makes debugging any easier, and it may
prevent one from debugging multiple scripts at the same time do to the
restriction that they all define the same library name.


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