[R6RS] my notes on today's conference call (29 August 2006)

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Tue Aug 29 09:57:51 EDT 2006

August 29 2006 8:00am-10:00am EDT 812-856-3600, PIN 001386#
All present by about 8:06am EDT:
Mike, Will, Kent, Anton, Matthew

0. finalize agenda (1 minute)
    move core/library split up

1. action items from 8/24/2006 (5 minutes)
   - propose a new procedure to clear the output
        not done, but see below
   - note: reserve last week of August (THIS WEEK) for proofreading

2. Report status (5 minutes)
   - items ready for review
     <item>                    <editor>   <to be completed by>   <done?>
     unicode                   Matthew    Aug. 03                done.
     quasiquote                Kent       Aug. 08                done.
     letrec*                   Kent       Aug. 08                done.
     let-values & let*-values  Kent       Aug. 08                done.
     records                   Kent       Aug. 24                done.
     enumerations              Will       Jul. 12                done.
     bytes                     Will       Aug. 03                done.
     equal?                    Will       Aug. 01                done.
     list-library              Anton      Aug. 21                done.
     case-lambda               Anton      Aug. 21                done.
     when & unless             Anton      Aug. 08                done.
     arithmetic                Will       Aug. 22                done.
     set-car!, set-cdr!        Anton      Aug. 21                done.
     condition-type details    Anton      Aug. 21
     dynamic-wind              Kent       Aug. 15                done.
     read-syntax, syn. forms   Matthew    Aug. 20                done.
     hash tables               Anton      Aug. 24                done.
     safe/unsafe mode          Kent       Aug. 28
     exceptions & conditions   Matthew    Aug. 03                done.
   - items not ready for review
     core/library split
     eval                      Kent
     I/O                       Will                              done.
     hash tables               Will
     syntax-case               Kent, Matthew
     library system            Kent, Matthew
     scripts                   Anton
     r5rs compat. library      Anton
     operational semantics     unavailable

3. R6RS release date (10 minutes)
   - can we make September 1?
   - should we push back by a week or so?
        could send draft to steering committee on Friday,
        asking them to delay public release until Tuesday
        so we can produce a cleaner draft over weekend

4. Core/library split (20 minutes)
   - number and size of libraries to be described by R6RS
   - size of "mimimal language" presented by document
        base library is a base for constructing libraries,
            not intended to be all that useful by itself
        base library includes:
            call-with-current-continuation, dynamic-wind
            multiple values, etc
            no i/o at all
            no records
   - congruence between R6RS document and R6RS libraries
   - hierarchies and something like Java's wild card syntax?
        Will moved we leave out wild cards; Anton seconded.
        Motion carried with no objections.
   - do wildcards apply outside of r6rs hierarchy?
   - allow single identifier id as a library name to abbreviate (id)?
        Kent so moved, Anton seconded.
        Motion carried with no objections.

5. S-expression, datum terminology (10 minutes)
   - see https://r6rs.scheming.org/node/390
        syntactic datum
        datum value
        by the way, "datums" is a legitimate plural

Noise on line.  By the time we could hear each other
again, Matthew was no longer on the line.  He returned

6. I/O (20 minutes)
   - add clear-output-port ?
        eliminates any buffered output that has not been written
            (or obtained)
        does not affect bytes that have been written to a file
        important mainly for bytes output ports
            no clear-output-port
            let's ignore next item
            probably should have clear-string-output-port also,
                even though it's the same
   - add clear-input-port ?
        eliminates any buffered input that has not been read
   - must open-bytes-output-port copy its argument?
        Kent moved it doesn't have to copy; Mike seconded.
        Motion passed with no objections.
        But it is allowed to copy.

7. Library and syntax-case changes (10 minutes)
   - see https://r6rs.scheming.org/node/399
        Kent moved that those changes be made; Matthew seconded.
        Motion carried with no objections.
        This includes flushing indirect-exports.
   - also https://r6rs.scheming.org/node/383#comment-1809
        (Changing the semantics of "for" so a "for" for
        import adds to rather than replaces a "for" for
        Negative meta-levels?
            Matthew thinks it complicates things.
            Let's not go there.
        Changes accepted.

8. Body syntax (10 minutes)
   - let-syntax, letrec-syntax again
        Should be begin-like everywhere or nowhere.
        We have already agreed on everywhere.
        (Note that node/399 gets rid of declarations
            at the head of a begin.)
   - body begin splicing syntax/expansion algorithm
        The natural algorithm allows a begin that
            includes definitions followed by expressions.
        Option A:
            as in R5RS
            begin definitions, begin declarations, begin expressions
        Option B:
            allow a begin to contain definitions followed by
                expressions, provided the begin is on the
                boundary between definitions and expressions
        Option C:
            at the top level of a library,
                treat begin as a splicing construct everywhere
        Option D:
            at the top level of a library,
                treat begin as a splicing construct everywhere
            also allow (begin) as an expression, evaluating to
                the undefined value
        Consensus: B
        Might as well allow a begin to contain declarations
            followed by definitions, provided the begin is on
            the boundary between declarations and expressions.
            Could even have a begin that contains all three,
            provided there are no other definitions in the
        Matthew volunteered to try to fix the formal syntax.

9. adjourned about 9:55am EDT

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