[R6RS] Document endgame

Matthew Flatt mflatt at cs.utah.edu
Fri Aug 25 20:19:17 EDT 2006

At Fri, 25 Aug 2006 01:04:02 -0400, dyb at cs.indiana.edu wrote:
> The library text is not in such good shape.  There are some problems
> already with the description of phasing, some but not all of which I have
> tried to address, and we have to figure out how to account for the fact
> that both the phased and unphased models are now acceptable.

I think accounting for both models is fairly easy: a reference to an
out-of-phase identifier *may* raise an exception, and instantiation
phase N may or may not be distinguished from instantiation at a
different phase M.

> Matthew, it would help if you could let me know how you think the library
> text needs to be modified to reflect both options and also let me know
> about any other changes you think need to be made to the text.  The
> current document source is committed in srfi/library/library.stex,
> complete with a grammar that is currently broken and several FIXMEs.

I edited library.stex, commited as revision 704. Besides tweaking the
text to allow different phase models, I also tried to prep the syntax
part for better inclusion in the overall document --- but that may be a
step backwards (which is why I note the revision number).

In particular, I explored the suggesting that we flush
 (begin <declaration>* <definition>*)
as applying the <declaration>s only to those <definition>s. Otherwise,
it seems that 
 (begin <declaration>*)
would be ambiguous (i.e, either spliced in a sequence or applied only
to zero definitions).


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