[R6RS] my notes on today's conference call (22 August 2006)

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Tue Aug 22 11:26:22 EDT 2006

August 22 2006 8:00am-10:00am EDT
All present by about 8:18 am EDT
Kent, Mike, Will, Anton, Matthew

0. finalize agenda (1 minute)

1. action items from 8/17/2006 (5 minutes)
   - email note about open-read+write concerns (Kent)
   - email note about different transcoding mechanism (Mike)
   - revise safety paragraphs (Will)
        not done
   - discuss naming of condition predicates and accessors via email (All)
        done previously
   - note: reserve last week of August for proofreading

2. Report status (5 minutes)
   - items ready for review
     <item>                    <editor>   <to be completed by>   <done?>
     unicode                   Matthew    Aug. 03                done.
     quasiquote                Kent       Aug. 08                done.
     letrec*                   Kent       Aug. 08                done.
     let-values & let*-values  Kent       Aug. 08                done.
     records                   Kent       Aug. 24
     enumerations              Will       Jul. 12                done.
     bytes                     Will       Aug. 03                done.
     equal?                    Will       Aug. 01                done.
     list-library              Anton      Aug. 21
     case-lambda               Anton      Aug. 21
     when & unless             Anton      Aug. 08                done.
     core/library split        Anton      Aug. 21
     arithmetic                Will       Aug. 22
     set-car!, set-cdr!        Anton      Aug. 21
     condition-type details    Anton      Aug. 21
     dynamic-wind              Kent       Aug. 15                done.
     read-syntax, syn. forms   Matthew    Aug. 20                done.
     hash tables               Anton      Aug. ??
     safe/unsafe mode          Kent       Aug. ??
     primitive i/o             Matthew
   - items not ready for review
     exceptions & conditions
     hash tables
     library system
     r5rs compatibility library
     operational semantics

3. removing the distinct S-expression requirement for case (5 minutes)
    no objections

4. name of contract-defect procedure (5 minutes)
    contract-violated might be a better name
    contract-violation might be more parallel
    related to:
        violation (could ditch in favor of contract-violation)
    contract-violation it is (no objections)
    ditch violation

5. semantics of library-body call/cc (5 minutes)
    exported bindings are immutable after the initializing assignment
        definitions of non-exported variables may be executed more
        than once
    continuation for the entire library's invocation should be unspecified
    disallow multiple definitions of a variable within the same library

6. script syntax (5 minutes)
   - yes/no vote:
     <script header><optional #!r6rs><import form><interleaved library body>
     <import form> -> (import <import-spec>*)
     <interleaved library body> -> library body with interleaved definitions
        and commands
    Yes: Kent, Matthew, Anton, Will, Mike
   - separate <script header> vote between:
     <script header> -> #!/usr/bin/scheme-script <line terminator>
     <script header> -> #!/usr/bin/env scheme-script <line terminator>
        consensus for #!/usr/bin/env

7. library phasing (10 minutes)
    allow both monophase and multiphase interpretations

order of import and export clauses
    Mike would like for the export clause to come first
        no objections

8. I/O (20 minutes)
    read+write issue
        Kent's email proposal sounds plausible
        no objections
    transcoder issue
        Will will write up a proposal that moves
            transcoders to operations, don't specify when opening

core/library split
    number and size of libraries to be described by R6RS
    something like Java's wild card syntax?
    Kent proposed something like
        (except (r6rs base (all-from syntax-case)))
    congruence between R6RS document and R6RS libraries

9. adjourned about 10:03am

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