[R6RS] a proposed change/clarification to library semantics

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Wed Aug 16 19:58:53 EDT 2006

> I propose the following change (or possibly clarification)
> to the semantics of libraries:  An identifier may be
> imported in two or more ways, provided all imported
> denotations are equal.

I'm willing to go along with this, but I'm confused by your "rough sketch
of semantics".

In particular, I don't understand what part the assignment boolean plays,
given that the only bindings in question are unassigned.  (That is, the
variables defined, for which the assigned boolean may be #t, are not
involved.) Why must exported library bindings even be associated with
locations, since they aren't mutable, or is this just a useful fiction? 
Also, what exactly is the denotation of a macro?

Would it be sufficient to say instead that any binding exported by a
library and reexported by one or more additional libraries is considered
the same binding, and the same binding may be imported from multiple


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