[R6RS] my notes on today's conference call (1 August 2006)

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Tue Aug 1 16:10:45 EDT 2006

Conference call August 1 2006 2:15-3:45pm
All present by about 2:16pm:
Kent, Mike, Matthew, Anton, Will

*** NOTE: Time changed to 2:15pm ***

0. finalize agenda (1 minute)

1. action items from 7/25/2006 (5 minutes)
   - write up I/O convenience library (Anton)
   - attempt to specify library-only safety solution (Kent and Will)
   - attempt to specify library/eval phasing syntax (Mike)
   - carried over:
     - update library srfi (Matthew and Kent)
        waiting on phasing/naming decisions
     - complete unicode reference implementation (Will)
        in progress
        normalization tables down to 60 kilobytes; won't get much smaller
     - comment on core/library split (All)

2. Report status (10 minutes)
   - items ready for review
     <item>                    <editor>   <completed by>
     unicode                   Matthew    Aug.  3
     exceptions & conditions   Matthew    Aug.  3
     quasiquote                Kent       Aug.  8
     letrec*                   Kent       Aug.  8
     let-values & let*-values  Kent       Aug.  8
     records                   Kent       Aug.  8
     enumerations              Will       Jul. 12
     bytes                     Will       Aug.  3
     equal?                    Will       Aug.  1
     list-library              Anton      Aug.  7
     case-lambda               Anton      Aug.  7
     when & unless             Anton      Aug.  7
     core/library split        Anton      Aug.  7
   - items not ready for review
     syntax (read-syntax, syntactic forms)
     set-car!, set-cdr!
     condition-type details
     hash tables
     safe/unsafe mode
     library system
     r5rs compatibility library
     operational semantics

3. R6RS header material (5 minutes)

4. condition hierarchy (10 minutes)
   - see https://r6rs.scheming.org/node/242#comment-1362 and
     followup https://r6rs.scheming.org/node/242#comment-1622
        tentative approval

5. library phasing (10 minutes)
   - two options on the table:
     Model 1: library invoked once per run
      - simpler, easier to implement
      - can lead to accidental sharing of library state between
        compilation and run time of a library
      - works with current library syntax and eval specification
     Model 2: library invoked once per phase
      - more complex, harder to implement
      - prevents accidental sharing of library state between compilation
        and run time of a library
      - requires a richer import-phase specification and some eval
        exprssion syntax for specifying import phases
   - see https://r6rs.scheming.org/node/307
   - see https://r6rs.scheming.org/node/313#comment-1629 and followup(s)
        issue: no agreement on how Model 2 would work with eval
            Matthew prefers to flush eval and to use Model 2
        Kent moved to adopt Model 2 with eval as in MzScheme.
	Matthew seconded.
            Model 1: Will, Kent
            Model 2: Matthew, Mike, Anton
        Kent will work with Andrew van Tonder to develop
            a reference implementation by 1 September
        Kent will revise the library and syntax SRFIs as necessary

6. library naming (5 minutes)
   - see https://r6rs.scheming.org/node/246
        several typos noted
        does anyone object?
            some disquiet about version number
        approved without objection

7. safe/unsafe mode (10 minutes)
   - vote between Proposals 0, 1, 2, and 3
   - see draft/safety/safety.txt, draft/safety/safety2.txt
   - see also extensive email discussion
        Mike raised two issues:
            wording of unsafe mode applies to all errors
                would prefer it apply only to violations
            no provision for reflecting safe/unsafe distinction
        Mike moved we do not deal with unsafe code in R6RS.
        Motion failed for lack of a second.
        Will moved we accept proposal 0 (meaningless declare forms).
        Mike seconded.
            yes: Will, Mike, Kent
            abstain: Matthew, Anton

Will will draft a couple of paragraphs that try to describe
some degree of safety (e.g. memory integrity) in Scheme programs.

Items for next week.
convenience library

8. adjourned around 3:55pm

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