[R6RS] mvbinding and eof-object polls

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Thu Apr 20 10:34:54 EDT 2006

On mvbinding:
  Will has added a comment casting the deciding vote in favor of option 3,
  a separate let-values construct (with no 'values' clause).

  I'm declaring let-values (option 3) the winner.

On eof object for read-char:
  Only Matthew and Will made the deadline; both voted for option 2,
  read-char returns eof-object on end-of-file.  I added a comment casting
  my vote, also for option 2.

  I'm declaring eof-object (option 2) the winner.

With respect to let-values, we have one more decision, which is what to
call the construct, since option 3 left this open.  I had suggested mvlet:

  This has three benefits.  (1) The name of the let* version is obvious
  and natural: mvlet*.  (2) It addresses Anton's concern about
  "let-values" being too long.  (3) Because it's shorter, the transition
  from let to mvlet is a tad bit easier, in that it's less likely to
  necessitate reformatting.  On the downside, "mvlet" isn't a legal
  Scrabble word, and that will offend some people.

I will add the mvlet/let-values decision to the forthcoming omnibus list
of votes.  If you have any other naming suggestions, please mail them to
the list.


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