[R6RS] Request for vote: Syntax for multiple values

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb
Fri Dec 23 10:29:32 EST 2005

> It seems the discussion has died down for this one.  So I think we're
> ready for a vote.  Most people who had a definite preference seemed to
> like Kent's proposal:
> In the R5RS formal syntax, extend <binding spec> as follows:
> <binding spec> -> (<binding lhs> <expression>)
> <binding lhs> -> <variable>
>                | (<variable>*)

I vote 'yes'.

> ... and extend the semantics of LET, LET*, LETREC, and LETREC*
> accordingly.
> As a separate issue, provided we agree on the above, I'd like to vote
> on whether we also want to allow:
> <binding lhs> -> (<variable>+ . <variable>)

I vote 'no'.


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