[R6RS] Re: Zapping SET-CAR! & SET-CDR!

Marc Feeley feeley
Fri Oct 22 11:17:26 EDT 2004

> RK> I am surprised by this.  How big a majority?  11 out of 20 is a
> RK> majority, 19 out of 20 is a mandate.
> I think it was more like 2/3 - 1/3.  But I think Will has the exact
> numbers.

As I recall few people voted, so I don't think we should give it any
significance.  And as I said at that time, I feel these votes have
little meaning to start with because the attendees were not given the
chance to form an opinion (let alone an informed one).  The only vote
which has meaning is the one on case-sensitivity.  People know the
issue (several Scheme systems default to a case-sensitive reader, and
many have a switch to enable/disable a case-sensitive reader).


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