[R6RS] syntax-case

R. Kent Dybvig dyb
Wed Oct 13 22:08:14 EDT 2004

A few days before the meeting in Utah I posted a proposal for syntax-case.
I've started working in some changes that the syntax-case subcomittee
(Matthew and I) agreed upon and have also started to add more detail.
It's getting to be quite a bit of work, so before I proceed any further,
I'd like to understand the position of the committee with respect to
syntax-case.  If it's definitely going to go in, I'll keep working on a
detailed proposal.  If there's still some question, I'd rather put off
the detail work.

According to my notes from the meeting, those present all agreed that
we should include syntax-case and associated mechanisms, but we didn't
have a formal vote, Richard wasn't present, and Marc's slides listed
it to my surprise as something we hadn't come to any agreement upon.
(There were several other things, like exceptions, that I was also
surprised to see in this category.)

I'd like to hear from anyone who objects to including syntax-case and to
have a vote after a few days on whether we should include syntax-case,
subject of course to final acceptance of the more detailed proposal.


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