[R6RS] Ensuring progress

Marc Feeley feeley
Sat Jan 31 09:41:18 EST 2004

> > By the way, does anyone know the correct email address for Will Clinger?
> It's ...

That's the email address I have been using.  But he hasn't sent any
messages to the r6rs mailing list or responded to my personal email.
It could be that he is overloaded with other things, but it is more
likely that there is an email problem.  We have to make sure he is
involved in the process, especially at the beginning where important
decisions are to be made.  I'm CC'ing Mitch Wand who could try
knocking at his office door.

> Seeing my note with Will's email address (which I should have sent to
> Marc alone, sorry) reminds me that if we do archive messages, we should
> do something to disguise any email addresses.

This is not necessary.  The archive contains an obfuscated email
address (it replaces @ by " at ").  This is also done on the other
email addresses (from and to fields) so there is no gain in refraining
from using email addresses in the body of the message.


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