[R6RS] Waiting for list of goals

Marc Feeley feeley
Fri Feb 20 09:01:58 EST 2004

> The mailing list has been quiet lately.  I'm assuming that you are
> working on your list of goals or reading the lists of others.  Let's
> try to have all the lists by this friday so that we can start
> organizing the goals.

I am assuming that we are all satisfied that we have a fairly complete
set of lists of goals.  We should now organize the goals to determine
how we are going to tackle them.  I think some goals are fairly
independent and can be discussed concurrently, others are best discussed
together or sequentially.

Unfortunately I am leaving on a one week trip and will be away from my
email.  So if someone wants to take the lead on this that would be
great.  I think it would be good to merge the lists into one, and to
take a quick poll to see how each editor feels about each topic.


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