[R6RS] Goals

Matthew Flatt mflatt
Mon Feb 9 18:27:52 EST 2004

At Tue, 20 Jan 2004 23:25:30 -0500, Marc Feeley wrote:
> I would like to ask everyone of you to send a list of issues you think
> need to be addressed in the R6RS design process, in other words what
> features do you think we should consider adding/removing.

My list is easily covered by yours, and in mostly same order:

  1) Modules and libraries.
  2) Non-hygienic macros.
  3) Records.
 16) Exceptions.
  5) Numbers.
  7) Lexical syntax extensions.

At Sun, 25 Jan 2004 20:46:44 -0500, Marc Feeley wrote:
> I remind you that we shouldn't start discussing these issues yet.

Sorry about the early message on `module'. I got lost in the "Common
Scheme" thread.


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