[R6RS] r6rs action items

R. Kent Dybvig dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Thu May 10 10:43:51 EDT 2007

-------- ASAP but at least before 5/22 --------

1. Mike/All: Mike send updated condition-simplification proposal,
   the rest of us look it over, then Mike put it into the report if no one

2. Mike: Incoroprate today's decisions/comments into report draft:
   - port positions can be arbitrary values ("magic cookies")
   - combine get-string and get-string-n
   - change library naming from (r6rs ---) to (rnrs --- 6)
   - drop mention of eqv? behavior for transcoders
   - fix description of eqv? behavior for records
   - change in bitwise-bit-count specification for negative inputs
   - reverse file-options defaults and change option names to
     nocreate, nofail, and notruncate (or was it no-create, no-fail,
   - make clear that introductory section of report is nonnormative.

3. Kent: Email Robby and Jacob sense of the committee on semantics.

4. Kent: Email community re: pushing R5.93RS back to 5/22 and remminding
   them that the first adoption candidate will be released on 6/30.

5. Kent: Inform steering committee of our plans, ask about their current
   status and plans.

6. Mike: Assign document sections to proofread.

7. All: Proofread assigned sections.

-------- the following can happen after 5/22 --------

8. All: Read through nonnormative appendix, suggest (or, preferably,
   contribute) additional items.  Anton will help Mike draft section
   regarding suggested mapping of libraries to the filesystem based
   on MzScheme's existing mapping.

9. All: Complete (or cause completion of) reference implementations:
   Will: Unicode, bytevector, numeric, enumeration
   Kent: libraries/expander
   Matthew: records
   Mike: I/O
   Anton: hashtables, lists

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