[R6RS] my notes on today's conference call (25 June 2007)

Anton van Straaten anton at appsolutions.com
Mon Jun 25 14:02:35 EDT 2007

June 25 2007 8:00am-10:00am EDT 812-856-3600, PIN 001386#

Decisions after each agenda item are preceded by three asterisks.

Kent, Mike, Matthew, Anton present by about 8:01am.

0. finalize agenda (1 minute)

1. action items (1 minute)
    - draft rationale for floor, ceiling, round accepting infinities (Kent)
    - contact Will re: meaningless flonums (Mike)
    - contact Will re: third argument of fx+/carry, fx-/carry (Mike)
    - complete adoption candidate by 6/30
    - complete (or cause completion) of reference implementations by 6/30
      Kent: Unicode, bytevector, numeric, enumeration, libraries/expander
      Matthew: records
      Mike: I/O
      Anton: hashtables, lists

2. "raise" semantics for transcoding exceptions

*** Adopt points 3 & 4 from the linked proposal.

3. square-bracket extension

*** Not adopted.  Add note about appropriate bracket usage to 
non-normative appendix.

4. syntactic simplifications & fixes

*** Add # as delimiter; fix string element[*]; fix delimiter problem. 
Mike to do first two; Kent will do the last.
[*] Sorry, didn't get the details on this one - fixing overlapping of 
<string element> productions?

5. phase problems with `set!' etc.

*** Impact not significant.  Leave as is.

6. simplify versioning syntax

*** No change to version syntax.  Change prohibition against multiple 
versions of the same library from "must" to "should".  Add note to the 
non-normative appendix about implementations reporting on such version 
conflicts, possibly via a compiler switch.

7. (rnrs ... (6)) names
*** Keep as is, including "rnrs".  Drop use of "(6)" on imports in 
examples.  Add note to non-normative appendix about expected usage of 

8. ambiguity in library reference

*** Mike volunteered Kent to write up a proposal.  One possibility is to 
add a "library" or "lib" keyword, but that is verbose.

9. #!fold-case / #!no-fold-case

*** Switch to stream of tokens approach consistently.  Case-folding 
regions will then be delimited by a #!fold-case and #!no-fold-case pair.

10. inconsistent library names

*** Adopt proposal as is.

11. revisit arithmetic issues
     - meaningless flonums?
     - third fx+/carry, fx-/carry argument

*** Use "unspecified" instead of "meaningless", expand on meaning of 
this if appropriate, and make terminology consistent.  No other changes.

12. remove enum syntax?

*** Treat enumerations differently re indirect exports: exporting 
libraries will not export enumerations as identifiers.

Around 9:50am, Matthew dropped off with connection problems, but agreed 
to prior decision in email.

Discussed rationale document and proofreading.

13. adjourn

Adjourned somewhere around 10am.

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